Change of use: Lescrow Reservoir, Passage Lane, Fowey

24th July 2018 - tracyyoung

Planning permission approved 24th July 2018 for the Change of Use of the underground reservoir at Lescrow, Passage Lane, Fowey to a new storage use primarily for the storage of boats and boat trailers.

PA18/04208 to view details

The applicant has been approached by several local business and private groups in Fowey who have expressed an interest to rent the site to store boats, dinghys, kayaks etc. associated with the Fowey River maritime, leisure and seasonal tourism activities.

The planning officer in his assessment concludes the submitted application is acceptable in principle, re using and substantial existing structure, and the proposed use will fit well with the character of established marine related businesses that operate in Passage Lane. The application would in my opinion have a limited impact on the character of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is also concluded following advice from the Council’s Highways consultee that this business could operate safely with users of the adjoining highway.

This application creates a further business in Passage Lane where a demand currently exists for additional boat storage and facilities; and with detailed landscaping, will assimilate in to the local area.