*Permission In Principle APPROVED* Rosemaen, Maenporth, Falmouth

22nd May 2019 - tracyyoung

PA19/03096 Permission Permission for the construction of one dwelling within the residential curtilage / land South Of Rosemaen Maenporth Road Maenporth Cornwall TR11 5HR.

Following the receipt of a positive pre-application advice enquiry in 2017 for Outline consent to construct a detached dwelling to the southwest of Rosemaen, Maenporth Road, Falmouth, the applicant instructed Land and Property Planning Limited to submit a Permission in Principle application for the construction of one dwelling on land within the residential curtilage of Rosemaen.

The application site is residential garden and as such deemed to be Previously Developed Land  / Brownfield Land and as a consequence the principle of development is acceptable subject to material considerations/surveys etc.

Permission in Principle Approved 22nd May 2019