*Planning Permission APPROVED* Live/Work Unit, Doctors Field, Tregaswith, SCM

2nd July 2019 - tracyyoung

PA19/03858 Change of Use of Mobile Home/Classroom to a 'Live/Work' unit.

CHAT is run as a ‘not for profit’ venture and provides emotional and educational support to meet the individual needs of vulnerable and bereaved young people and adults with learning difficulties on a case by case referral basis.

CHAT students can be referred from the Youth Offending Service, or excluded school pupils from the Pupil Referral Unit, bereaved children who have lost a parent or sibling, and on occasions, children in foster care.

The proposal seeks planning permission to change the use of the mobile home/classroom to a Live/Work Unit.

Policy 4.4 of the CLP states that community facilities should wherever possible, be retained and new ones supported. Alongside this policy 16 states that to improve the health and wellbeing of Cornwall's communities, residents, workers and visitors development should (6) provide flexible community open spaces that can be adapted to the health needs of the community and encourage social interaction.

It is evident from the public support that has been received and the supporting information that has been submitted that CHAT provides an invaluable community facility.

Given that CHAT is an Animal Assisted Intervention Project, it is a facility that would be difficult to provide within an urban context. Furthermore policy 5.1(c) states that to ensure a continued supply of appropriate business space in the countryside proposals should be of a scale appropriate to its location and business need to be in that location.

Policy 2.3 of the CLP makes clear that proposals will be welcomed that improve conditions for business and investment in Cornwall by, amongst other things, (h) supporting the provision of work hubs and the ability to work from home through live/work units. To support this para 2.1 of the CLP states that decisions will support and protect the sustainability and expansion of existing businesses.

Planning Permisson Approved 2nd July 2019