Pre-application Advice: Residential Dwelling, Sunnyside, Rosemelling

25th July 2018 - tracyyoung

Land and Property Planning Limited were instructed on behalf of thier client to submit a pre-application advice enquiry to the Local Planning Authority to establish the likelihood of receiving support for the principle of a residential dwelling on land adjoining Sunnyside, Rosemelling, nr St Austell.

PA18/01393/PREAPP to view details

The site is located towards the southwestern edge of the settlement of Rosemelling.

Site History

C2/08/01126 Erection of a dwelling refused and dismissed on appeal.

The Inspector when assessing the development considered the main issues to be the effect of the proposal on the surrounding area and whether it represented sustainable development.The Inspector confirms the site as residential curtilage and falls within the definition of ‘Previously Developed Land’.

The Inspector refers to the property ‘Fairhaven’ the detached property to the southwest of the site and it being detached from the main group of dwellings and at the time of the appeal decision in March 2009 opined that the settlement boundary terminated at a point in line with ‘Sunnyside’ adjoining the north boundary of the site and ‘The Old Chapel’ on the opposite side of the road.

Planning permission granted in 2016 closed the gap between ‘The Old Chapel’ and ‘Fairhaven’ altering the character and shape of the settlement boundary from that of the time of the Inspectors decision in 2008.

Proposed Development

The site forms part of the curtilage of Sunnyside and has been used as garden/domesticated land for over 20 years and therefore deemed to be 'Previously Developed Land'.

The granting of planning permission PA16/07890 for a ‘Infill’ development between the properties ‘Fairhaven’ and ‘The Old Chapel’ on land opposite the site confirms Rosemelling to be sustainable settlement that is ‘part of a network of settlements and/or be in reasonable proximity to a larger village or town with more significant community facilities, such as a primary school.

As a result of the granting of planning permission for residential development on land between ‘Fairhaven’ and ‘The Old Chapel’ it is evident that the character and shape of the settlement boundary will change and will bring the land the subject of this pre-application advice enquiry in line with residential development along theopposite side of the road.

It is considered that the proposed development would have little or no greater impact upon the greater or local landscape and would lead to no discernible adverse environmental impacts.

On the 27th June 2018 Cornwall Council considered the site to be Previously Developed Land adjoining the settlement.

Land and Property Planning Limited has been instructed to submit a full application for a detached three bedroom dwelling. 

Full application pending sumbission.